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Private Equity Investment
Cera Finance House maintains a portfolio of private investors that seek good business opportunities to support with finance.O [...]
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Cashflow Finance
Restricted by poor cashflow?... Waiting 30, 60, 90 days for customers to pay, with money tied up in stock, plant and machiner [...]
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Venture Capital
Venture capital (also known as VC or Venture) is a type of private equity capital typically provided to early-stage, high-pot [...]
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Bridging Finance
Bridging loans are a short-term funding option used to 'bridge' a gap between a debt coming due and the main line of credit b [...]
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Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance at Cera Finance House involve providing advisory services to companies and public agencies covering in part [...]
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Development Capital
At Cera Finance House we can mix several of our products to enable businesses to develop.Businesses looking to expand should [...]
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Start-up Finance
At Cera Finance House we are pleased to be able to assist companies with arranging their start-up/seed capital. Cera Finance [...]
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Purchase Order Finance
Large orders, seasonal sales and business expansion can place real pressure on your cash flow. Some suppliers want you to pay [...]
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