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Trade Finance

Without recourse trade finance

  • Pre-export financing 
  • Rentals financing Trade Finance 
  • Blended export credits 
  • Discount of export receivables 
Cera Finance House are involved in Structured Trade Finance (STF) and Trade Finance (TF), the company supports trading activities of a number of corporations and particular industries, STF and TF structure and arrange transactions involving cross-border trade, in particular the export of capital goods, intermediary products and services to emerging economies world-wide.

Typical transactions include:

"Blended" credits (involving a combination of loans guaranteed by a governmental export credit agency with a commercial credit facility).

  • Pre-export financing. 
  • Contract financing 
Security structures with recourse to physical assets or control of product, collateralised transactions.
Other financing requiring complex added-value structuring techniques.
When providing the funding element of a transaction, TF either acts as principal or applies funds managed on behalf of institutional investors where the requirements of the latter are satisfied.  STF has undertaken transactions involving obligators in most parts of the world.
When accelerating privatisation of industries and services around the world and the substantial financing needs in energy, communications and infrastructure investments in emerging countries, Cera Finance House ability to arrange specially adapted structures for exporters and financial institutions is increasingly in demand.

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